FastFerment, 14 Gallon, System Base


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A conical fermenter that is ideal and affordable for all skill levels. Good for beer, wine, mead, or cider. Has a 14 gallon / 53 liter capacity designed for 10-12 gallon batches. Features a 6″ screw top for simple filling and cleaning.

Basic Kit Includes:
– HDPE Food Grade Conical Fermenter
– Screw top with grommet and airlock
– Four leg stand
– Collection ball for yeast harvesting and quick disconnection to begin a secondary fermentation.
– Thermowell (Thermometer sold separately)
– 1″ union teflon valve and fittings
– 1/2″ PVC hose with clamp for bottling/racking

Stand, thermometer, strap and hop filter separately.

To top of airlock: 41.7″ / 105.9 cm
To top of Lid: 38.2″ / 97 cm

Conical Body: 18.6″ / 47.2 cm
Stand Rings: 18″ / 45.7 cm

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Weight 15.00 lbs