Giga Yeast British Ale #2, GY031


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Attenuation Medium Gravity: 80% – 82%

Attenuation High Gravity: 72% – 75% (9.3% – 10.0% ABV)

Temperature Range: 64˚F – 75˚F

Flocculation: High

From a traditional British brewery. Very flocculent— produces clear beer. GY031 leaves a slightly sweet malty flavor. Flavor profile is nearly neutral at lower fermentation temps. Slight banana/fruit notes appear at higher temps. Perfect for English style pale ales, stouts, porters, bitters browns etc.

Representative Styles:
British Ales, Pale/Amber Ale, Barley Wine, Scotch Ale, Bitter, Stout, India Pale Ale

This item may require a special order. It can take an additional 2-4 weeks to ship dependent on manufacturer’s production schedule.

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