Lallzyme EX, Macerating enzyme, 5 grams


Lallzyme EXTM is a blend of pectinase and hemicellulas especially formulated to improve color stability and enhance mouthfeel in red wines. Specific side activities contribute to the macerating action on the grape cellwall. This allows the progressive liberation of polyphenols and tannin bound polysaccharides. When using this enzyme juice extraction from red grape skins is significantly increased and the filterability of the wine is improved. Lallzyme EX has been formulated to provide agentle maceration even in lower maturity grapes.

To Use: Dissolve Lallzyme EX in 10 times its weight in water, gently stir and allow to sit for a few minutes. Then add to the crushed grapes at the beginning of maceration or the onset of cold soak.

Storage: Dated expiration. Store dry enzyme at 25°C(77°F). Once rehydrated use within a few hours.
Recommended Dosage
15-30 g/ton

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