Malic Acid Accuvin Test Kit, 10 Pack


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The Malic Acid Wine Test Kit monitors the decrease in malic acid from 500 mg/L to the completion of malolactic fermentation. No color indicates a malic acid concentration at or near 0 mg/L.

Malolactic Fermentation, the secondary fermentation in winemaking, is a method of reducing total titratable acidity by adjusting the relative concentrations of L-malic and L-lactic acids, softening the wine and allowing it to develop mellowness and full-bodiedness. This process also results in microbial stability since one of the key ingredients of spoilage is removed.

1) Tests can be used for both red and white wines, and require no adjustments or pretreatments. Accuvin has developed a unique membrane, built into each wine test strip, which selectively removes interfering colored anthocyanins without affecting other wine components.
2) Keeping track of malolactic fermentation progress allows the detection of problems when they are small and require less extensive and less expensive intervention.
3) Know where your wine is at any moment during malolactic fermentation by monitoring with Malic Acid Wine Test Kit.
4) Track MLF by the barrel or at various depths of a large tank with Malic Acid Quick Tests, so you will not have to assume MLF is progressing similarly throughout with a combined sample.
5) Monitoring with Malic Acid Quick Tests enables you to stop MLF at 75 mg/L, 50 mg/L, or 0 mg/L, allowing you to choose how soft, mellow, or full-bodied you want your wines.
6) AT HARVEST monitoring with Malic Acid Quick Tests highlights the decreasing malic acid as grapes approach optimum ripeness since malic acid levels tend to decrease faster than tartaric acid levels, especially in warmer areas. You will have finer control over when to pick.

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