Sake Ingredient Kit


Its a beer&its a wine…its Sake (sort of)

In Japan, Sake means liquor, and here in the States its used to pretty much identify any and all fermented beverages involving rice (with the exception being Budweiser). Within the category of Japanese rice wines (which well call Sake from here on out) there are hundreds of styles and disciplines in production. So for us to make a single simple recipe for Sake is kind of like putting together a single recipe for beer or wine its not so simple! To make matters more complicated, rice wine exists in many other forms around the world!

Through extensive research and advanced computer modeling (not really), we have developed this simple-ish Sake recipe that emulates the real thing (or at least gets us in the ballpark). This is not the end-all way to brew Sake, and its important to understand that we built this recipe based on available ingredients and equipment. Enjoy!

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