Sulfite Free SO2, Accuvin Test Kit, 10 Pack


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The sulfur dioxide present in must and wine is not all useful as a preservative. Some is bound to other chemical components, reducing its effectiveness as a preservative by 30 70 %. Also, the degree of binding can change over time, affecting the ability of an adequate dose to continue providing its preservative effectiveness. In addition , sulfur dioxides effectiveness is pH dependent with low pH wines requiring lower levels and high pH wines requiring significantly greater concentrations to achieve the same effectiveness. The Free SO2 kit has Low Range (0 40 ppm ) and High Range (40 130 ppm ) tests.

1) Tests can be used for both red and white wines, and require NO adjustments or pretreatments. The test formula has been adjusted to accommodate colored samples.
2) Monitoring allows the detection of problems when they are small and require less extensive and expensive intervention.
3) Controlling SO2 produces even, dense color, harmonious merging of characters, and no after taste.
4) Monitor SO2 to inhibit native bacteria at crush.
5) Monitor SO2 to inhibit browning at crush.
6) Monitor SO2 to inhibit Lactic Acid Bacteria and Malolactic Organisms after alcoholic fermentation.
7) Monitor SO2 to reduce enzymatic chemical oxidation and control bacteria during aging and just prior to bottling.

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