The Anvil Foundry Recirculation Pump Kit


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The Recirculation Pump Kit for the Anvil Foundry Brewing System comes with everything you need to start recirculating! Recirculating during the mash can help increase efficiency, extracting more sugars from the grain. This kit includes a perforated disk that wort is run through, helping to clarify it. It also comes with a flow clamp and tubing to hook the system up to the Foundry. Works with either the 10.5 or 6.5 gallon model. Get the most out of your Foundry system with the recirculation pump kit!

Key Features:

-Anvil Recirculation Pump
-4 ft. of Silicone Hose
-4 Hose Clamps
-Flow Clamp
-Stainless Return Tube
-Perforated Disc
-Eye Bolt & Nuts for Eye Bolt

Additional information

Weight 40.00 lbs


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