September 21, 2011

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Brehm Vineyards: Order Online
Vino Superiore: Presentation Available Online

Peter Brehm has a proven track record of sourcing the absolute best grapes from premier growing regions and choice vineyards in California and
Washington, and delivering them to home winemakers in pristine condition. The red grapes are picked, crushed and destemmed at their peak, then frozen
with the skins to maintain the perfect environment during storage and shipping. The white grapes are pressed into juice just prior to freezing.
If you are interested in making the highest quality wine you possibly can make as a home winemaker, you must start with the best grapes! Now you can
order Brehm Vineyards grapes and juice online, using the convenient new order form on our website. Note: we will need a $50 deposit per bucket to
secure your order.

Keystone Homebrew Supply has a new source of ultra premium frozen grapes for 2011, imported from the Chianti region of Italy, sourced from DOCG
vineyards (Italy’s highest quality certification). Many of you were lucky enough to be able to join us for a presentation at our Montgomeryville
store with Federico, the Italian enologist who has selected the grapes for us. If you were not able to attend, or if you want to see what all the
excitement is about, you can check out the Powerpoint slides now on our website, or follow the links to videos of Federico’s presentation on
YouTube. Then be sure to place your order for these superior grapes, distributed exclusively by Keystone Homebrew Supply!

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