September 7, 2011

In this email:
The Grapes & Juice Have Arrived
Wine Tasting in Montgomeryville
Calling All Masons

Our first shipment of fresh grapes and grape juice from California arrived at our Montgomeryville store last night (conveniently, just after our homebrew club meeting). By mid-morning today the Keystone staff will be neck deep in buckets of fresh grape juice and watching our clothes turn purple as we run fresh grapes through our crusher/destemmer.

If you want to make wine,
place your order online,
or order by phone
to reserve your own,
Don’t waste time,
because you can’t have mine!
(Or just stop by to see what we have in stock.)

IN STOCK NOW (many varieties):
Central Valley Grapes & Juice…..
Lake County & Washington State Grapes…..
Italian Grape Juice…..
Vino Superiore Frozen Organic Italian DOCG Grapes….

Sunday, September 18, 1-4PM
Could there be a better way to celebrate the beginning of the fall grape harvest? Join us for a wine tasting at our Montgomeryville store this Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM. (Eagles fan don’t worry – the Birds play a late game this week.) You can pick up some fresh grapes or juice while your here, or just enjoy a view of the seasonal activity in the store. There will be cheese and other snacks, a variety of delicious homemade wines, and of course plenty of friendly conversation with fellow winemakers. Novices are welcome – it’s a great chance to get feedback on your wines, too! Everyone who brings a bottle of their homemade wine will receive a $5 coupon to our store.

Our new building isn’t actually all that new, and the roof needs a bit of masonry work. If you are an experienced mason and would like to make a few bucks working for your favorite homebrew supply shop, or if you know someone who fits that description, please contact Jason at our Montgomeryville store.

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