Montgomeryville Canning Event

Man oh man, are we a fan of cans! Join us and our friends at We Can Mobile Canning on National Homebrew Day (May 3, 2014) if you’d like some sexier packaging for your homemade beverages. The cost is $40 per 5 gallons (paid in advance), which includes the cans, 6 pack holders, case trays, and freedom from the tedium of bottling! Please fill out the reservation form below, and we’ll contact you to confirm your time slot.

Preparing Your Beverage

All beverages must be kegged before the canning event. No keg? No problem! You can “rent” one from us for $10. Just put down a full deposit ($54.95) and take home one of our Sanikegs, which are sanitized and ready to be filled via the familiar siphoning process. On canning day, we’ll take the keg back (as is–no cleaning necessary!) and refund all but $10 of your keg deposit.