Our Staff

Jason Harris

Owner, Co-founder
Jason started the business in November of 1992 fresh out of college. His original goal was to use the experienced gained from running a homebrew shop to open a brewpub, but he is having way too much fun to ever give this up, and is proud to offer a truly unique experience for brewers and winemakers. Jason is a National Beer Judge in the Beer Judge Certification Program, has passed the wine tasting exam given by the Home Wine and Beer Trade Association, and has an advanced certificate from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET).

Makes: Beer, wine, mead, cider, soda…
Favorite styles of beer to brew: American Pale Ale
Craziest concoction: Watermelon beer
Brew system: Specialty grain/extract on my stovetop (who has time for all-grain anyway?)
Favorite commercial breweries: Anchor, Yards, Flying Fish, Troegs
Favorite wines: Pinot Noir, Sauvigon Blanc, and Nebbiolo

Lou Balli

General Manager
A former New York investment banker, Lou has been the manager of our Montgomeryville store (a much more noble cause) since 2005. Lou enjoys experimenting with all kinds of fermentations, and rarely makes the same style twice. (Except porters. He makes a lot of porters.) He spends much of his time as a volunteer with the Worcester Fire Department, and shares excessive amounts of his beer with firefighters who would probably be just as happy with a “silver bullet.”

Makes: Beer, wine, mead and soda
Favorite styles of beer to brew: Porters, Stouts, English Bitters
Craziest concoction: Budweiser clone with an extra ¼ oz of Tettnang
Brew system: 15 gal Blichmann brew kettle & burner, 72 qt cooler with bazooka screen (for batch sparging), 50 ft stainless immersion chiller, repurposed scaffolding as brew sculpture
Favorite commercial breweries: Stone, Maine, Three Floyds, Midnight Sun
Favorite wines: The “Three B’s”: Brunello, Barbera & Barleywine

Judy Parsons

With a degree in Dairy Science, Judy worked at a dairy farm near New Hope for almost ten years. Little did she realize how her life would change when she bought her husband a homebrew kit for Fathers’ Day. It wasn’t long before she started working for America U Brew. In August 1998, Judy came to work for Keystone, started all grain brewing, and began brewing with a computer-regulated RIMS system. Judy happily lives and brews with her husband Jim, daughter Brianna, son Colton, three Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and five donkeys.

Makes: Wine, fruit wines, ciders, and beer
Favorite style of beer to brew: Hoppy Pale Ales, English Bitters
Craziest concoction: Raspberry Ginger Cyser
Brew system: Recirculation infusion mash system (RIMS)
Favorite commercial breweries: Hoegaarden, Dogfish Head, Samuel Smith’s, Fancy Pants
Favorite wines: Pinot Noir

Anthony Marino

Sales Manager
A lover of all things fermentable, “Tony” has been working with Keystone since September of 2015. When he’s not growing his ever expanding collection of different beers, he’s brewing a crazy new mead or cider.

Makes: Beer, Wine, mead, cider, Kombucha
Favorite style of beer to brew: 
Craziest concoction: Maple Bacon Coffee Porter
Brew system: Pot + Cooler
Favorite commercial breweries: Allagash, Firestone Walker, Bissell Brothers
Favorite wines: Barolo

And our awesome and experienced sales staff

Matt McClanahan

We’re pretty sure Matt’s an alien. When he’s not brewing increasingly bizarre beers that would make even Andrew Zimmern’s head turn, he’s helping to run the drive-in movie theater that he has up and running. He has been working at Keystone for what seems like generations, though it appears he never ages…

Makes: Beer
Favorite style of beer to brew:
Beers using movie theater ingredients (popcorn, candy, Nicholas Cage)
Craziest concoction:Popcorn Pale Ale with popped popcorn in the mash
Brew system:
Favorite commercial breweries:
Favorite wines:

Russ Czajka

Our buddy Russ made the jump from the professional brewing world (He was previously the brewer at The General Lafayette Inn) here to Keystone to get back to his brewing roots. When he’s not telling people how to pronounce his last name correctly, you can (try) to catch him riding his bike or on ski patrol in the winter.

Makes: Beer, wine, cider
Favorite styles of beer to brew: English Bitters and Milds, Saisons, Saisons, and Saisons
Craziest concoction: Not a Saison
Brew system:
Favorite commercial breweries: The entire country of Belgium
Favorite wines: Strawberry, Blueberry, anything beer infused.

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