Picnic Taps & Jockey Boxes

Jockey boxes are a great way to serve ice cold beer away from any type of refrigeration. Stainless Steel coils are used in conjunction with ice to keep the beer flowing cold. We also have neoprene keg wraps and jackets, along with picnic faucet and picnic faucet accessories.

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  • Double Coil: Jockey Box 50ft (1)

    Double Tap 50ft Coil Jockey Box

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    3/8 Ferrule for Chilling coil

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    3/8 Grommmet for Chilling coil

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  • Chrome Plated Pump: 8in (1)

    Chrome Plated Keg Pump 8in

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  • Chrome Plated Pump: 4in (1)

    Chrome Plated Keg Pump, 4 in.

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  • ColdPlate BeerThread: Fittings 1/4mfl (1)

    Cold Plate BeerThread Fittings mfl

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  • Cold Plate Fittings: 1/4 in hose barb (1)

    Cold Plate Fittings 1/4 inch Hose Barb

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  • ColdPlate Rubber:Grommet (1)

    Cold Plate Rubber Grommet

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  • D System Coupler:Sanke Twist for Air (1)

    D System Coupler, Sanke(y) Twist for Air Pump

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  • Flare Washer:Cold Plate 1/2in (1)

    Nylon Flare Washer for Cold Plate Fittings

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  • Single Product: Cold Plate (1)

    Single Product Cold Plate

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