Shanks & Faucets

We have a variety of beer and wine shanks and faucets. Many different lengths of shanks made out of chrome or stainless steel. We have a few different beer and wine faucets made from chrome plated brass or all stainless steel like our Perlick brand faucets. We also have Stout (Guinness) faucets and creamer faucets (Perlick brand). We also have handy things like faucet wrenches, tower shanks, faucet locks, tap marker anglers, customizable tap markers and lots of shank parts like coupling nuts and tail pieces.

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  • Picnic Faucet w/:line 3/16 nut stem (1)

    Picnic Faucet w/Line, 3/16 nut & stem

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  • Double Ended Wrench: Faucet & Hex (1)

    Double Ended Wrench, Faucet & 1 inch Hex

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  • KOMOS Draft Multi Tool (7 in 1)

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  • Chrome Faucet: w/ SS Lever (1)

    Chrome Faucet with Stainless Steel Lever

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  • Faucet Kleen Plug (1)

    Faucet Kleen Plug

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  • Tower Shank: w/ 3/16 Elbow 1 pc (1)

    Tower Shank with 3/16 Elbow

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  • Tower Shank with duotight Elbow

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  • Faucet wrench (1)

    Beer Faucet Wrench, Red Vinyl-Coated Handle

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  • Plastic Picnic :Faucet (1)

    Beer Faucet, Black Plastic, Picnic Faucet

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  • Black Plastic Flange (1)

    Black Plastic Flange for Keg Flange

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  • Double Ended Faucet Brush (1)

    Double Ended Faucet Brush

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  • Stainless Steel:Faucet (1)

    Draft Faucet, 100% Stainless Steel

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