KOMOS Draft Multi Tool (7 in 1)


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The KOMOS multi tool is a convenient instrument to keep nearby that is suitable for most of the fittings you will encounter when setting up or making adjustments to your kegerator or keezer. If you are kegging your brew then you are well acquainted with the many nuts, bolts, and clamps it takes to rig up a draft system. Even small adjustments will often have you walking back and forth from the tool box before the job done. The KOMOS draft tool offers 7 unique functions for tasks including faucet collar adjustments, shank hex nut adjustments, connecting or disconnecting a CO2 regulator and tank, removing Duotight fittings, and, most importantly, removing bottle caps from beer bottles.

The KOMOS multi tool is suitable for most connection adjustments, but if you’re adjusting a CO2 regulator nut that has been overtightened, we recommend using a standard Crescent wrench for extra torque.

-CO2 Regulator Nut Spanner
-Shank Hex Nut Spanner
-Faucet Collar Pin Wrench
-Flare Swivel Nut Spanner
-8 mm Duotight Removal
-9.5 mm Duotight Removal
-Bottle Opener

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