Commercial Keg Couplers & Parts

A keg coupler can sometimes be the most confusing part of tapping a keg. We have American sanke couplers (D style), European couplers (S style), German Slider (A system), English beer coupler (G system), Guinness coupler (U system) to name the most popular. We also have twist style sanke couplers as well has parts like tail pieces, gaskets, washers, hex nuts, and check balls and retainers.

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  • Sanke Lever Tap (1)

    D System Coupler, American Sanke(y), Lever Tap

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  • Adaptor for Hex Nut:to 1/4 inch mfl (1)

    Hex Nut to 1/4 in MFL Adaptor

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  • D System Coupler:ALL SS Sanke (1)

    Sanke Lever Tap, Stainless Steel 100% Contact

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  • Tailpiece 1/4 MFL (1)

    1/4in MFL Tailpiece

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  • Warsteiner Paulaner:Hacker Pschorr Tap A (1)

    A System Coupler, German Slider, Warsteiner/Spaten

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  • Euro Sanke:Lever Tap (1)

    S System Coupler, Euro Sanke(y), Lever Tap

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  • Guinness Harp Tap: U system (1)

    U System Coupler, Guinness/Harp Tap

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  • Hex Nut (1)

    Hex Nut, Chrome Plated Brass, 1 in.

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  • Neoprene Beer Washer (1)

    Neoprene Beer Washer

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  • Sanke Body Washer (1)

    Sanke (“D” System) Coupler Body Washer

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  • Check Ball:KROME Sanke Lever (1)

    Check Ball for Krome Sanke Lever

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  • Check Ball Retainer:KROME Sanke Lever (1)

    Check Ball Retainer for Krome Sanke Lever

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