5 Gallon Sani-Keg (Sanitized Corny Keg), Ball Lock


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We buy used soda kegs, which we clean using a commercial keg cleaner. We then replace the gaskets and run the kegs through a rigorous sanitation process using Star San. The outside of the keg may still be dirty, have old stickers on the outside, as well as scratches and dings, but still work fine for your draft purposes. The rubber top and bottom may be black, green, blue or red. You can exchange your keg for another Sani-Keg in the same cleaned, sanitized, pressurized, and ready-to-use condition for $10. Please call ahead to check availability.

Sani-Keg Program Conditions.

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Weight 13.00 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
SKU kcorn5san


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