Add-a-Draft for Homebrew Ball Lock Kegging System


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Ink-Bird Digital Thermostat, Dual Stage Upgrade

So now you’ve saved so much time kegging instead of bottling that you are ready to add another tap to your homebrew kegging setup. This kit will get you there while utilizing parts of your existing system.
– 2-way air distributor with 5/16″ barb on/off valves and check valves
– 2 x 3ft standard Co2 line
– 7 x 3/8″ SS worm clamps (set for each Co2 line, set for new beer line and 1 for attaching to air distributor)
– Pair for ball lock disconnects with nut and stems
– 9ft of standard beer line
– Ball lock sani-keg (part of our sanitized keg exchange program)
– Chrome plated brass faucet (all stainless steel faucet upgrade available)
– Your choice of a chrome plated brass tower extension with shank or a 3.5″ nipple shank for door installation (not included in price)

This kit is designed for use with your existing Co2 regulator and hose. The 2-way air distributor can be installed by snipping the Co2 at its end and attaching it to the input barb.

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Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
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SKU khbk2