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Bentonite powder is a clay which is available in a granular form. It is negativly charged and is particularly good at attracting proteins in wine, which are positivelycharged. This fining agent covers a wide variety of hazes in wine. Its most common use is for protein instability and it is very safe and not harmful to wine when properly used. It is widely used to “heat stabilize” wines so thay they do not form protein precipitates in the bottle after bottling. Bentonite is easy to use and for best effect should be prepared in advance. It is usually prepared by measuring out the required amount and stirring it into a sufficient quantity of hot water. The resulting slurry is then stirred periodically and allowed to set for 24 hours, at which time it will be completely hydrated and ready to use. Usual dose is 1 to 4 grams per gallon of wine (dissolve 2 teaspoons in 1/2 cup warm water, add to 5 gallons of wine), which is mixed with a small quantity of the wine to further dilute it and then added while stirring vigorously.
Settling will usually be complete within two weeks. Bentonite’s only disadvantage is that it forms a light fluffy lees in the wine which needs to be handled carefully to avoid re-dispersing the bentonite. Wineries often deal with this by using bentonite in conjunction with another fining agent called Kieselsol, which
aids in compacting the lees which makes racking easier. Bentonite is also commonly added directly to the must at the start of fermentation to aid in the initial clearing of the wine following pressing.

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