Briess Golden Light Liquid Malt Extract, 32 lb


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Excellent light-colored pure malt extract. Use alone for light-colored beers, or with specialty malts to brew beers of all styles. Excellent for boosting gravity and yeast propagation.

Ingredients: Base Malt, Carapils® Malt
Lovibond: 4L

Benefits of 32 lb. NEW Growlers
– 32 pounds – Use the amount you want for creative brewing, small gravity adjustments, minor flavor or color adjustments, and yeast propagation.
– Wide mouth – Increased mouth size gives users an easy pour experience. The growler’s mouth measures 54mm in diameter.
– Reusable – Once you’ve emptied your growler, reuse it for things such as grain storage or any other purpose you can think of.
– Sturdy – Suitable for use with liquids up to 190°F as well as in freezer applications.
– Food-grade – Durable 100% prime virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction complies with FDA food-grade regulations.
– Recyclable – Fully recyclable #2 plastic.

Briess CBW malt extracts are 100% pure, brewer’s grade malt extracts.

Additional information

Weight 34.00 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
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