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Weyermann® Brewing Malt (Type Cologne) is a kilned lager-style malt made from quality, two-row, German spring barley. It creates medium-full bodied, golden colored, smooth clean tasting beers. The Weyermann® Brewing Malt (Type Cologne) shows excellent characteristics for ales, lagers, and German-style ales (“Kölsch”). It imparts malty-sweet notes to finished beer. Also gentle notes of honey come through when using this malt.

Wort Color: 3.2 – 3.9 °Lovibond (7.0 – 8.9 EBC)
Usage: 100% max.

These grains can be weighed to your specifications. Crush is optional, but include in the price.

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Weight 1.10 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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