MicroEssentials Oenos ML Nutrient, 10 grams


Micro Essentials nutrient for malo-lactic bacteria. Use 1 gram per 5 gallons of wine.
MicroEssentials Oenos is a complex nutrient formulated for growth and survival of malolactic bacteria. Unlike yeast, bacteria cannot store, nor synthesize all essential amino acids, so complex nutrients are necessary for supplementation. Newly fermented wine can often be deficient or void of nutrients due to yeast utilization, especially Saccharomyces bayanus. Nutritional depletion can cause sluggish or even stall malolactic fermentations. Due to the complex nutritional requirements of malolactic bacteria and the relatively harsh medium for
growth, minimizing nutritional stress is important. In addition to amino acids and peptides, which are the most influential nitrogen sources required for malolactic growth, B-complex vitamins and trace minerals are especially important. MicroEssentials Oenos was developed specifically for Oenococcus oeni. It contains a diverse blend of organic protein sources (no inorganic nitrogen sources, since bacteria cannot utilize it), vitamins and trace minerals. In most cases, MicroEssentials Oenos will provide a 20 to 40% faster malolactic fermentation.

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