Racking Cane, 30in. Stainless Steel w/Tip, 3/8in. OD


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This is a 30 inch long, 3/8 inch outside diameter stainless steel tube curved in a cane shape accepts our standard 5/16 inch inside diameter to siphon of beer or wine. This regular-length racking cane can reach to the bottom of all carboys and demijohns. The extra length also is needed for use with carboy caps, which hold the racking cane and allow CO2-powered racking.

This stainless steel racking cane comes complete with a stainless steel racking cane tip to prevent siphoning sediment.

The advantage of stainless steel is that not only will it last a lifetime, you can sterilize it inside and out by baking in the oven.

This item available with a special order. It may take an additional 4-7 days to ship.

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