RIMS Rocket by Blichmann


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The RIMS-Rocket Electric Imersion Heating coil leverages our popular HopRocket tm canister to give you a no-compromise RIMS heater (Recirculation Infusion Mash System). We offer an upgrade kit for current HopRocket tm users, or a complete HopRocket tm and RIMS-Rocket tm bundle for those who don’t. Super easy to clean and ultra low watt density gives you unparalled performance and simplicity.

The RIMS-Rocket tm heating element is 3500 W, 240V, ultra low watt density and is engineered to perform optimally in your RIMS system
Removable custom engineered plug means cleaning is a snap - no dangling power cord tethered to your heater and the terminal pins are spray-down capable! 
The RIMS-Rocket tm heater assembly clamps right into our HopRockettm canister for added versatility and lower cost.
The RIMS-Rocket tm includes a "plug and play" 12ft factory wired cable with a molded twist-lock L6-30P plug on one end, and our custom removable plug on the other end.
LESS THAN Ultra low watt density means NO chance of scorching, and dry-fire capable (although we certainly don't recommend this!)
Couple with our new electric TOWER of POWER tm controller for the ultimate in temperature control.  Visit our TOWER of POWER tm page for more detail!

RIMS-Rocket ONLY! Use with pre-existing HopRocket or purchase in a bundle.

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Weight 4.80 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
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