RQ23 Charisma Alluring:Australian Merlot


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Velvety, sensual, and romantic at heart, ALLURING sparks an undeniable attraction worthy of turning heads around the globe.

Ripe and plush with a soft finish, this arousing plummy Australian Merlot pulls you right into the glass. Adored for its wildly popular taste and easy-going charm, it’s not surprising that this irresistible beauty captivates winemakers everywhere.

Tasting Notes
Wonderfully fleshy with big hits of plum, jam, raisin, and red berries. Gently spiced, silky tannins and a smoky oak finish, round out a phenomenally suave demeanor.

Food Pairings
Pairs beautifully with root vegetable pork roast, gruyère potatoes au gratin, or peppery sausage lasagna.

Oak: Medium | Body: Medium | Sweetness: Dry | Color: Red
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