The Flavor Bomb, Beer Conditioning Widget 12 pack


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The flavor bomb can be loaded with just about anything! We have used hops, coffee, grain, toasted wood, and fruit. By introducing this to the beer it is able to bottle condition with it extracting new flavors too the beer. The applications are endless it does not just have to be used with beer it can be used with any bottled liquid. Below are some examples.

After you have loaded it with the desired contents sterilize the flavor bomb in boiling water as to kill off any bacteria or foreign agents that may have come in contact with it. Load it in the bottle, fill and cap it then allow it to condition in the bottle for a period of time. The longer it sits the more flavor that can be extracted, depending on the contents.

The flavor bomb is composed from a Homopolymer that Meets all requirements of U.S. Food and Drug Administration as specified in 21CFR 177.1520 covering safe use of polyolefin articles intended for direct food contact. The product is designed to be loaded with anything that you would like to introduce to a product thatis bottled.

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