Professional Brewer Survey

If we have helped you launch a professional brewing career, please help us understand our role (however large or small) by filling out the following survey. Please forward this link to other professionals you know who may also have a connection to Keystone Homebrew Supply. Thank you!

What other breweries have you worked at (if any)?

How many years were you a homebrewer before you turned pro?

Did you get started brewing with a kit from Keystone Homebrew?  Yes No

What position(s) have you held at a commercial brewery?  Owner/Part Owner  Head Brewer  Assistant Brewer

Did Keystone inspire you to become a professional brewer? Explain how.

What kind of advice did we give you as you endeavored to turn pro?

Please characterize the contribution(s) Keystone Homebrew has made to your brewing career:

 Basic homebrewing instruction
 Advanced brewing skills development
 Practical start-up advice
 Brewing supplies
 Industry contacts
 Advertising/brand promotion
 Direct exposure to Keystone customers
 Keystone who?

Are there any other details you'd like to share about your history with Keystone Homebrew?