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 Montgomeryville Bethlehem

Solebury Orchards Ciders (1 Gallon)

October Blend (Second Week of October) SOLD OUT $5.95
November Blend (Second Week of November) $5.95 Qty
Granny Smith (Second Week of December) $6.95 Qty
December Blend (Second Week of December) $5.95 Qty

Fruit Valley Orchards Ciders (1 Gallon)

Heirloom Blend (mid Nov) $8.50 Qty
Ida Red (mid Nov) $7.95 Qty
Golden Russet (mid Nov) $8.50 Qty
Spy Blend (mid Nov) $8.50 Qty

Poverty Lane Ciders (1 Gallon)

November Blend $13.95 Qty

Other (1 Gallon)

Pear (Round 2: November) $8.50 Qty



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For instructions and suggestions, check out our notes on hard cider making.