The Keystone Cup

The Keystone Cup was established in 2008 to encourage a friendly but competitive relationship among regional homebrew clubs.

Three competitions combine to make up the Keystone Cup: The War of the Worts, the Club Barrel Brew Championship, and Malt Madness. Participating clubs earn points for placing in the Club Barrel Brew Championship, and also when individual club members place in the War of the Worts or Malt Madness competitions (as long as they designated their club affiliation on their entry forms). It’s that simple! On the other hand, a competition isn’t much fun without a long list of rules, so….

1. Any homebrew club can participate in the competition. A homebrew club is defined as two or more homebrewers who meet on a regular basis and use a club name to represent themselves.

2. Brewers may only list one club affiliation per entry. Brewers with more then one club listed on an entry will disqualify that entry from accumulating points for that competition.

3. Points for the Keystone Cup are awarded to clubs participating in the following qualifying competitions:
………..A. The War of the Worts (February)
………. B. Malt Madness (August/September)
………. C. The Club Barrel Brew Championship (Brew Day in July, Judgment Day the following April)

4. For the War of the Worts and Malt Madness, points are awarded to clubs in the following ways, to brewers who designate their club affiliation on their entry form prior to the competition:
………. A. First place in any category 5 points
………. B. Second place in any category 3 points
………. C. Third place in any category 1 point
………. D. Best of Show – First place an additional 5 points
………. E. Best of Show – Second place an additional 3 points
………. F. Best of Show – Third place an additional 1 point

5. For the Club Barrel Brew Championship, clubs are awarded points as follows: 15 points for 1st place; 10 points for 2nd place; 5 points for 3rd place. Placement is determined on CBBC Judgment Day in April, approximately nine months after Brew Day. The points count toward the Keystone Cup for the year in which the beers are judged.

6. Club point ties will be broken by placement in the Club Barrel Brew Championship (if either club placed). Otherwise the quantity of BOS points will be used; if the clubs are still tied the quantity of 1st place points will be used; if the clubs are still tied the quantity of 2nd place points will be used. If a tie still exists after initial tie-breaking rules are used both clubs will be inscribed as winners and the Cup’s time will be split between the winning clubs.

7. The club with the most points will be declared the Keystone Cup winner following the Malt Madness.

8. The winning club’s name will be inscribed onto the Keystone Cup.

9. The winning club will retain the Keystone Cup (except during qualifying competitions) at the club’s club-house/meeting place until 1 month before the next Keystone Cup winner is scheduled to be announced, or 12 months from the date it was awarded, whichever comes first. At the end of this term, the Keystone Cup must be returned to Keystone Homebrew Supply, Inc.

10. The winning club must provide the Keystone Cup for display purposes at all qualifying competitions.

11. The Keystone Cup will remain the property of Keystone Homebrew Supply, Inc.

12. The rules of the Keystone Cup may be changed or altered at anytime at the discretion of Keystone Homebrew Supply, Inc.

13. Any disputes regarding the Keystone Cup will be decided by Keystone Homebrew Supply, Inc.

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