Keystone Homebrew Twitter Hunt 2014

Philly Beer Week 2014 is upon us! And what better way to make the most of your 10 day tour de force of fermented drink than to drum up some prizes doing it?

Drink beer, snap photos, win prizes!

Below is our list of beer-centric people, places and scenarios that are the official targets for our 2014 Twitter Hunt, a week-long digital scavenger hunt celebrating Philly Beer Week. Each time you track down an item on the list, snap a selfie with the target while you’re wearing a Keystone t-shirt or displaying a Keystone logo. Then tweet it back to @KeystoneHB and the Target’s Twitter handle, or include the Target’s hash tag (as listed below), and you earn points. Sounds easy right? Well, that’s cause it is. And meanwhile you get to meet local beer celebrities and pillars of the craft beer community. We’ll have an online leaderboard updated throughout the week so you can track your progress. At the end of the week, the one with the most points will receive a bevy of prizes from Keystone Homebrew and the other event sponsors. The leaderboard will be posted for the first time after the opening weekend of Philly Beer Week.

confirmed Prizes

 To Participate…

Keystone Homebrew Supply – $100 gift certificate
Red Cedar Bar & Grill – Brunch for 2
Round Guys Brewing – $50 gift certificate & meet the brewer
Varga Bar – $50 gift certificate
South Philly Tap Room – $50 gift certificate
Free Will Brewing – Case of beer
Good Dog – $25 gift certificate, t-shirt, glass
The Industry – $25 gift certificate, t-shirt, glass
American Sardine Bar – $35 gift certificate
Brew Bottle Shop – $25 gift certificate
Sly Fox Brewing– Prize TBD

You’ll either need to be wearing a Keystone t-shirt*
displaying a Keystone Logo in the tweeted photos.

* To get a free Keystone t-shirt:  1. Follow us on Twitter – 2. Tweet a photo of yourself brewing – 3. Tweet a photo of yourself at one of our stores.


Total Prize Value


Current Leaders

To be Posted Starting June 2

(View the leader-board)

To be considered a participant, you must tweet at least 5 qualified photos (or 3 qualified photos on 3 different days).



  • All pictures must be tweeted to BOTH @KeystoneHB and the Target’s corresponding Twitter handle if listed (otherwise use the specified hashtag)
  • We encourage you to also use the hashtag #PBW2014 and include @phillybeerweek
  • There will be a 5 point bonus for the week’s funniest photo (as judged by the Keystone staff)
  • There will be a 10 point bonus for anyone who tweets a qualifying photo every day of Philly Beer Week
  • There will be a 15 point bonus for whoever tweets the most targets in a single photo




To qualify, all pictures must be tweeted to @KeystoneHB and must include
someone in a Keystone shirt or displaying a 
Keystone Logo

Completed Beer Can Wood Derby car with can before, during, or after the race @GoodDogBar @SlyFoxBeer 10
Doing a shot with Scott from @RoundGuysBrewer at the Irish Pol Opening Night 5/30 10
Catch @AmericanSardine Staff or Caitlin from Oskar Blues with a Rib Grin at the Rodeo 5
Selfie with Varga Girl in the flesh @VargaBar (HINT: Varga Block Party) 5
Giving Tom Kehoe a big ol’ bear hug during the Yards/Anniversary event @TheIndustryBar 4
The loaded draft list @SPTapRoom EXTREME Beer Brunch 4
Playing Donkey Kong at Jose Pistola’s @RoundGuysBrewer Barrel Challenge (Bonus point if you beat Scott’s high score!) 4
Delivering any delicious baked good to Keystone Homebrew Supply 4 #Mmmm
Brian O’Reilly pairing a beer with Funyuns during Snack and Samples with @SlyFoxBeer at the Foodery on 2nd Street 4
Feeding dessert to Dave Wood from @FreeWillBrewing at Barren Hill Tavern 3
The Hop-Loaded “Vape” machine at Lagunitas 420 Night @SPTapRoom 3
John and Bill wearing @RoundGuyBrewer sticker at Opening Tap 3
Chef Scott @foodsyoucaneat cuttin’ the cheese at Cisco Night @AmericanSardine 3
Giving a @Yards employee a high five or a hug during the Yards/Anniversary event @TheIndustryBar 3
@NewBoldBrew Crew sipping their own Staff Picks 3
John Stemler of @FreeWillBrewing at Capone’s drinking a light beer from a bottle  3
The Iron Hill Brewery Dinner Ticket @GoodDogBar  3
Drinking a pint of Firestone with Jeff Richardson during Tapping Tandoor @SPTapRoom  3
@AmericanSardine manager Fred with a SMILE during the 4th Annual Fried Chicken Run  3
Having eaten an entire STOMACHECTOMY during one of the brunches @TheIndustryBar (before & after shots required)  3
Playing the Claw Game at @VargaBar with DuClaw  3
Picture of @FreeWillBrewing Dave photobombing another picture being taken @CedarPointPHL  3
Pucker up for a pic with Jim Wiggins during Sour Hour @NewBoldBrew  3
Any former Philly Beer Geek winner (or someone wearing a Philly Beer Geek shirt)  3 #PhillyBeerGeek
A Keystone Homebrew employee in the wild (i.e., not at the store)  3 #KeystonePlay
Any @RoundGuys staff member wearing a gorilla mask  2
A Sierra Firkin as it’s being tapped @GoodDogBar  2
Selfie with one of the Varga Girl Paintings @VargaBar (Bonus point if you get Rich in the picture!)  2
@TheIndustryBar manager Mike Brennan wearing a birthday hat at the Yards/Anniversary event  2
Being all trendy and sipping on @StoneAndKey cider  2
Your favorite cheese & beer pairing @RoundGuysBrewer  2
Your favorite chocolate & beer pairing @RoundGuysBrewer  2
Drinking a 16 ounce can of @SlyFoxBeer 360 IPA at a Phillies game  2
Drinking anything @TheIndustryBar (use the hashtag #IloveSloppySeconds)  1
 One of the employees (there are 3) who have been with @GoodDogBar since its opening day 1 each #IloveSloppySeconds
 Cheating on #PBW2014 with a glass of wine @StoneandKey 1
 Taking a brewery tour with a #PBW2014 participant (bonus point if it’s @RoundGuysBrewer @FreeWillBrewing or @SlyFoxBeer) 1
 Fresh, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella  1 #DemoDay
 5 or more firkins in a row  1  #5Firkins
 Tossing sacks during a game of cornhole  1  #PhillyMashBash
 Drinking out of Das Boot  1 #Bubble
 The Hammer of Glory 1  #HOG
 Joe Sixpack with one of his books  1  #SelfPromo
 Matt Falco from @PhillyBeerScene shaking hands with any Philly bartender  1
 The Beer Fox  1 #LiveFox