Keg Only Competition

Brewers Brawl at The Lansdale Beer Festival

It’s almost time for Keystone Homebrew’s epic keg only homebrew competition! Brewers battle it out for fortune, glory, and a chance to serve their creation at the Lansdale Beer Fest. Here’s the deal: bring your 5-gallon corny keg full of beer, mead, or cider to the Keystone Hops club meeting at our Montgomeryville store on Thursday, June 20 for Round 1 of the Brewers Brawl. The 10 winning brewers, selected by popular vote, must be willing to have the rest of their keg served at the Lansdale Beer Fest (Round 2) on Saturday, June 22. Even if you don’t keg your beer, you can still come to the club meeting and/or the festival — remember, everyone gets to judge!

Official Rules for Entries (The Competition Organizer may bend the rules as needed, at his discretion.)

1. All entrants must complete the online entry form (below) by 5:00pm on Wednesday, June 19.

2. The entry fee is $0.00. That’s right, FREE!

3. Each Brewer is limited to 1 entry.

4. Beers need not be entered in a specific BJCP category; they will be judged by popular vote with tastiness as the primary merit.

5. Competition entries must be dropped off by 7pm on June 20 for the Keystone Hops Homebrew Club meeting at our Montgomeryville store in full 5-gallon kegs, chilled and ready to be served.  At “weigh-in” kegs must be a minimum of 42 pounds. Each entry is limited to a single keg.

6. All attendees at the Keystone Hops meeting will be given ballots to vote for their 3 favorite beers. The 10 winning kegs will be kept at our Montgomeryville store and transported by us to the Lansdale Beer Fest on Saturday, June 22.

7. The day of the Lansdale Beer Festival each Round 1 winner must supply complete dispensing equipment (including a CO2 supply) for his or her keg. Ice will be provided.

8. Festival attendees will each receive 1 voting ticket for the Brewers Brawl. They can try as many of the beers as they like and vote for their favorite. In the end, the beer with the most votes will be declared “Lansdale’s Favorite Homebrew 2019″.

All ten Round 1 winners will receive a free Keystone shirt and a TWO free passes into the Lansdale Beer Festival.

1st Place will receive a $200 gift Certificate to Keystone Homebrew Supply.
2nd Place will receive a $100 gift Certificate.
3rd Place will receive a $50 gift Certificate.

Brewers Brawl Entry Form