We couldn’t have asked for a more exciting finish to the first Keystone Cup. The top two clubs were within 6 points going into the Malt Madness, the second and final leg of the competition. The Lehigh Valley Homebrewers were in the lead, and with the “home bar” advantage it looked liked they had it wrapped up. Keystone Hops demonstrated an impressive away game, though, scoring 71 points at Malt Madness versus 65 points for the Lehigh Valley Homebrewers. Both clubs finished with a combined score of 142 points leading to the tiebreaking calculation of BOS points in which the Lehigh Valley Homebrewers had 6 and the Keystone Hops had an incredibly close 5 points. Other clubs had some strong showings, as well, and can be proud of their rankings below. In the end though, the Lehigh Valley Homebrewers stood alone atop the standings, and their club name is the first to adorn the coveted Keystone Cup. Congratulations!

Club Final Score
Keystone Hops 142
Lehigh Valley Homebrewers 142
Aleiens 23
H.O.P.S. 19
W.H.A.L.E.S. 17
Stoney Creek 16
B.U.Z.Z. 12
NYC Homebrew Club 8
Pa Liquid Concoctions Brewers (P.L.C.B.) 6
Beezwax not yours incorporated 5
Pa-Alers 5
S.A.A.Z. 5
Lancaster County Brewers 3
General Lafayette 3
the brewing network 3
Hi Gravity 1
Hop River Brewers 1