Winemaking Recipes

Blackberry Wine

(makes one gallon) Ingredients 5 lbs frozen blackberries, crushed and partially thawed 2½ lbs white granulated sugar 3¾ quarts good quality tap or bottled drinking water ½ tsp yeast nutrient Campden tablets… [ read more ]

Dandelion Wine

(makes one gallon) Ingredients 6 cups dandelion petals 2 lb. white granulated sugar 1 lb. light raisins 3 tsp. acid blend 1 Campden tablet ½ tsp. yeast energizer 1 gal. hot water… [ read more ]

Elderberry Wine

We routinely receive questions from our customers about the use of elderberries in making wine. Up to now we have had limited opportunities to conduct winemaking trials, but have recently found a… [ read more ]

Limited Edition and Restricted Quantity Kits Announced!

Although we’re barely halfway through our fall harvest wine season, it’s time to start considering what to ferment this winter.  These high-end, exclusive wine kits offer the finest grapes and blends from… [ read more ]