Wyeast Laboratories (you know, the ones who make those ingenious smack packs) are sending Owen Lingley to our Montgomeryville store this April to school us in the ways of yeast. Owen is one of Wyeast’s fermentation brainiacs and an official spokeshuman for their resident single-celled organisms. He will cover virtually everything you could possibly want to know about how to treat your yeast so they make better beer/wine/cider/mead for you: ideal pitching rates (as they relate to gravity and temperature), starters and how to time them, aeration/oxygenation, strain selection, nutrients, and much, much more. The seminar will be held at the beginning of our monthly Keystone Hops homebrew club meeting, but everyone is welcome to attend and the seminar is free! If that’s not enough of an incentive, we will offer a Buy one, Get one free deal on any Wyeast Activator pack the day/night of the seminar! We will need you to register for the seminar in advance by filling out the form below or contacting our Montgomeryville store if you would like us to reserve a seat for you—otherwise you may end up standing.