The following distinguished wines are features of Winexpert’s 2015 Limited Edition program. You can place an order any time between now and December 5 using our online order form.

Italian Barbera – January 2016

Piedmont, Italy: One of Italy’s most famous wine regions. Situated at the base of the Alps, Piemonte in Italian means “at the foot of the mountains”. Continental climate with hot growing season.
The Wine: Higher acidity, lower tannins. Approachable and food-friendly. Earthy nose with aromas of sour cherry, and flavors of cherry, cranberry and spice ( nutmeg and anise).

BODY: Medium
ALCOHOL: 13.5%

Italian Pinot Grigio Verduzzo – January 2016

Veneto, Italy: Located just north of Venice on the Adriatic Sea, one of three highly productive regions known collectively as the Venezie. Hot summers and cool winters.
The Wine: Fresh and vibrant. Citrus and pear from Pinot Grigio; honeyed ripe pineapple from Verduzzo. Balanced acidity with a crisp, clean finish.

BODY: Light-Medium

California Mosaic Red – February 2016

Paso Robles, CA: Located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Long growing season of warm days and cool nights. Produces vibrantly ripened grapes.
The Wine: Merlot and Zinfandel bring round fruit notes, while Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon provide structure and complexity. Aromas of red fruit, smoke and spice. Flavors of blackberry, raspberry and spice.

BODY: Medium-Full

Gewurztraminer Verdelho Muscat – March 2016

Murray Darling, Australia: Named for the two great rivers, Murray and Darling, which weave through the region. Long hot days with little rainfall. Heat, irrigation and fertile soil produce grapes that create soft, generously flavored wines.
The Wine: Floral notes from Gewürztraminer, with tropical character from Verdelho, and vibrant fruit (grape!) from Muscat. Perfumed nose, bright flavors of pear, grapefruit and lime. Hint of minerality.

BODY: Light-Medium

Fourtitude – April 2016

Riverland, Australia: Woven around the Murray River, with a Mediterranean climate. Long days of sunshine produce sun-kissed, vibrantly ripened grapes.
The Wine: Full-bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Merlot. Aromas of black currant, cedar and spice. Flavors of black currant, plum, cherry and spice.

BODY: Full
ALCOHOL: 14.5%