Barrels are back in stock!

Wood is good! Freshly dumped Dad’s Hat Rye 15 gallon whiskey barrels are back in stock and only $99! We’ve also got a stash of Wigle Whiskey 25 gallon barrels for $125 for you big-batch brewers!*
Don’t know what the heck to do with one of these barrels? Check out Wood & Beer, A Brewer’s Guide. This is a wonderful book that will help homebrewers unlock their full barrel-fermenting potential!
*Wigle Whiskey barrels are available in store. To place a shipping order, please call us at 215-855-0100.
  • Wood & Beer Book:Cantwell&Bouckaer (1)
    Wood & Beer: A Brewer’s Guide, Cantwell &Bouckaert
  • 15Gal Whiskey Barrel: Dad's Rye Whiskey (1)
    15 Gal. Rye Whiskey Barrel, Dad’s Hat