Club Barrel Brew July 2016

A Homebrew Club’s Chance for Fortune and Glory

On Saturday July 16th, Keystone Homebrew is once again playing host to the 2016 edition of the Club Barrel Brew. As with previous years, each participating homebrew club will be given the free use of a freshly dumped wine or spirit barrel. Last year’s event saw 10 homebrew clubs fire up the brew system and brew everything from Barleywine to Mead. Congratulations to the ANNiHiLATED club for taking the top prize at the judging party on April 9th for their Berliner Weisse in a wine barrel! 2nd place went to BUZZ Club with their Flanders Red also aged in a red wine barrel while 3rd place went to Lehigh Valley Homebrewerswith their Belgian Golden Strong Ale in a Tequila barrel. There is no fee to participate in the event or to enter the competition, which is open to all regional homebrew clubs (subject to validation). Read on for details, and please fill out the sign-up form at the bottom of this page. You can find even more details on our page of frequently asked questions.

The EVENT Details:

Beers must be brewed at Keystone Homebrew Supply on Saturday, July 1th and be either fermented or aged in the designated club barrel here at our Montgomeryville location.

Each club determines their own recipe and aging schedule, brews their own beer on their own brew systems, and makes their own barrel additions (if any). We recommend 35 to 45 gallons of wort per barrel if using it for primary.

We have plenty of space for your club to spread out and brew, and we will also handle storage of the barrel. In addition to all the homebrews that will be shared, we are lining up sponsors to contribute food, beer, and prizes for the event.

The Fortune and Glory Details:

A select group of unaffiliated and entirely incorruptible celebrity judges will judge the barrel brews during first round judging of NHC in 2017 which usually takes place in early April

The winning club, as determined by the celebrity panel, will receive the 2017 Keystone Club Barrel Brew Champion Award, which will depend on the number of participating clubs:
Fewer than 15 participating clubs, $500 in Keystone Gift Certificates
15+ participating clubs, $1,000 in Keystone Gift Certificates

Not a Club Member?

Check out the Keystone Hops (Montgomeryville) or the Lehigh Valley Home brewers (Bethlehem) to be a part of great events like this! Too far? Visit the American Homebrewers Association for information about registered clubs.

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