Happy National Rosé Day

Rosé, blush, or “pink” wines can be any wine made from grapes that falls somewhere (anywhere) between red and white. The can be as straight forward as a blend of red and white wine together, or as complex as fermenting a dry red wine with limited to no exposure to the grape skins (which contributes most of the color and tannin content) creating a smooth, delecate, and refreshing summer wine. Rosé wines range from dry to very sweet. Here in Pennsylvania, sweetened blush wines are extremely popular. No matter how it’s made, if it’s “pink”, and it’s a wine kit, it’s 10% off in the shop from 6/11 thru 6/13!

Online shoppers use code “DRINKPINK” at checkout. In store shoppers, show us this post to get the discount!

  • California White Zinfandel – Classic
  • Reserve Grenache Rose’ Australian
  • Cru Intl French:Rose (1)
    French Rose – Cru International
  • Cru Intl CA:White Zinfandel (1)
    California White Zinfandel – Cru International