Keg Only Competition Winners

Congratulations to the victors of the 2013 Brewers Brawl! They are shown in the photo sporting Hawaiian shirts, from left to right: Brian Atkiss, Dave Atkiss, Andy Dziedzic, and Mike Krepps (joined by Jason and a devilish Meridyth in the middle). They faced fierce competition at the Keystone Hops homebrew club meeting on Thursday, subject to the scrutiny of the harsh, demanding palates of brutally honest homebrewers and honorary guest judges. Their curiously dark Belgian Tripel, with the moniker “3 Golden Monkeys”, was an instant hit and qualified to move on to the mayhem at the Lansdale Beer Fest on Saturday. In the meantime, they rebranded their beer as “Three Way”, which apparently made all the difference! Three Way was chosen as the people’s favorite, and the triumphant brewers received a $200 gift certificate to Keystone Homebrew Supply. Thanks to all of the participating brewers who made this event a huge success and a lot of fun!

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