Last Chance for Grapes!

We will be finalizing our order of Chilean grapes early this week, so order your grapes now if you’d like to make wine this spring!
We are sold out of juice, but for those of you who have placed orders we expect to receive our second shipment this Thursday.

FOR JUICE we will call you once your order has arrived to schedule a specific 30-minute pickup window. When you arrive, please call us from the front parking lot. We will provide additional instructions at that time to facilitate the loading process.

FOR GRAPES, if you plan to crush your own grapes at home, then the pickup procedure will be the same as for juice. If you want your grapes crushed here ($1.50 per lug), then we will need to crush them once they arrive and freeze them until your scheduled pickup date. We have buckets (new for $17.50, used for $5.00) that we can crush into for you. With our safety protocols in place at this time, we cannot use your buckets from home.

ALL ORDERS MUST BE PAID FOR IN ADVANCE OF THE PICKUP DATE. This includes any bottles, corks, chemicals, buckets for grape crushing, or other products you may need.
Thank you for understanding!

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