New Keystone Customer Referral Program

As Keystone Homebrew employees, we are always happy to tell random people how great we are, but they tend to give us funny looks and make excuses about needing to be somewhere else in a hurry. In reality, we know that you, our loyal customers, are the best ambassadors we could ever ask for. Many of you have been spreading the good word about homebrewing for years now (which is why all these new people keep showing up at our doorstep), and we have decided to start rewarding you for it. From now on, any time a new customer purchases a brewing or winemaking equipment kit from us (at full price), they can indicate that they were referred by an existing customer, and they will receive either a free case of bottles or a free Beginner’s magazine. (For online orders, new customers can enter the name of the referrer in the “Order comments” section when they check out.) You, as the referrer, will receive store credit as follows:

$10 store credit for your first referral
$15 store credit for your second referral
$20 store credit for every referral after that!

Note: to qualify, the new customer must purchase a starter equipment kit.

What could be more fun than making money just by getting people excited about your favorite hobby? Don’t forget to tell them that they’ll get a special deal by mentioning your name (which makes you seem like a homebrew celebrity of sorts), or better yet – come in with them to get them started!

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