Wyeast Goes BOGO!


Now thru this Sunday (Jan 18)

Whether you’re trying to win the World Series or the War of the Worts, you need great pitching. Most homebrewers “underpitch”, which means they don’t use enough yeast to achieve optimal results. A single Wyeast pouch contains 100 billion yeast cells, which is OK for most beers – if your ambition is to be a career middle reliever in AA. Underpitching can overwork your yeast, leading to undesirable flavors or incomplete fermentation – especially for high alcohol beers. Virtually any beer with a starting gravity over 1.045 will benefit from the addition of a second pack of yeast.

BUY ONE, GET ONE: Consider this your call up to the Majors! Now through this Sunday, buy one pack of Wyeast, and get any second pack free (in stock items only) with any $30 purchase. This is your chance to see what a little extra yeast can do for your beer. If you already pitch plenty of yeast, you can use this deal to:

– Skip the usual pain-in-the-@$$ starter,
– Use the free yeast to brew a second batch,
– Split your batch into two parts, and pitch two different yeasts, or
– Pitch two different strains into one beer, and let them battle it out!

You can stop later this week, or order online now so you don’t forget! Valid on pickup and shipping orders. If you are ordering online, use the promo code: “PERFECTPITCH”.

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