Join us on Saturday, October 26 for our annual fall Barrel Brew at our Montgomeryville store. We’ll be brewing an Old Ale (the “Old Treacle Mine” from Brewing Classic Styles), and combining our beers into bourbon barrels for a one-month primary fermentation. You can choose to brew either the all grain version or the extract + grains version. We will have a grilled lunch, free for all of our customers (whether you brew or not), and you are welcome to bring homebrew to share. Don’t miss this chance to ply your craft alongside other homebrewing fanatics! Whether you love barrel-aged craft beers, or the idea of brewing together with other members of the homebrewing community, or just the opportunity to check out other brewing setups, you’ll want to come in for this terrific event.


1. We supply the recipes; you buy the ingredients and bring your own equipment, including a propane burner.

2. Plan to pick up or reserve your ingredients at least a day before the brew.

3. Montgomeryville brewers: you can start brewing as early as you like (the store will open at 9AM); all-grain brewers must mash in by 11AM.

4. There is a barrel participation fee of $3.00 per gallon.

5. Expect a 10 percent loss of volume from sediment.

6. Be prepared to drop off your sanitized and volume-calibrated fermentors at our Montgomeryville store Sunday, November 17. Your beer will be ready for pickup on Saturday, November 24. Please plan to retrieve your beer within 5 days.

Please fill out the form below (the form is not to order ingredients; it is just to give us a headcount). Thanks!

++ 1st barrel is free, $50 per additional barrel (15 gallon capacity.)