While cool and crisp weather paired with big and bold wines may seem far off, the time to order the specialty port-style wine kits is now. These are always crowd pleasers, and bottles of any of these kits make a great gift. They even pair well with drowning out the griping of your great-aunt Edna and the batch of young whippersnappers who moved in next door to her. All of these kits make 3 gallons, and are a full juice wine kit (not a concentrate) to deliver the strength and big flavors you crave. We expect these kits to arrive in September and they often sell-out before arriving.

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Chocolate Raspberry Port

Back by popular demand this wine is bursting with rich, intense flavors and aromas. The traditional Port character of warm, rounded cherries and plums is supported by a racy zing of bright raspberry. Perfumed and gently tart, with a luscious liquid chocolate rush in the middle of the palate, it finishes with beguiling dark, bittersweet aromas of coffee, vanilla and toast, all the way to a long, rich finish. Excellent within three months, this wine will age gorgeously.

Oak: Toasted / Sweetness: 7 (Sweet) / Body: Full / Alcohol: 15-16.5%


red Velvet dessert wine

Rich and velvety notes of dark berry with a hint of moist sponge cake enveloped in decadent cocoa.

Oak: Low / Sweetness: 7 (Sweet) / Body: Full / Alcohol: 17%


Peppermint Mohca dessert wine

Dark chocolate and cool peppermint blend seamlessly with the rich coffee notes and dark fruit.

Oak: Low  /  Sweetness: 7 (Sweet)  /  Body: Full   /  Alcohol: 17%