If Lansdale Beerfest has taught us anything, it’s nothing will stop the members of our community from having a great time. Over 4000 people came out on Saturday afternoon, braving the wind and rain to try the best brews in the area and celebrate beers from all over Pennsylvania.

If you joined us, hopefully you made it down to where Keystone held its annual Keg Only Competition. Our top 10 homebrewers duked it out, fighting for votes to be crowned the Title Champion. With hundreds of votes cast, the race was neck and neck until the very end, when Brian Urbani and Pat Tramontano seized victory with their Breakfast Blonde, a refreshing ale with a kick that won favor with its perfect color and smooth finish. Brian and Pat won a $200 gift certificate to the store and a plaque commemorating their victory.

A huge congratulations as well to Mike Sharp for taking second place with his Ginger’s Milk. He won a $100 gift certificate, and to Mike Kreps for taking 3rd prize with his Nugget Tickler. He won a $50 gift certificate respectively.

All entrants to the competition were awarded VIP tickets to the event, as well as Keystone T-Shirts, and $25 Keystone Homebrew store credit. If you are interested in joining the competitive homebrewing scene, be sure to add us on Facebook, and join our email list for updates on upcoming competitions and events.