Ah St. Patrick’s day, the day we revere the patron Saint of good beer. With the lovely holiday rolling in on March 17, the time to get started on those golden suds is now! And, what a coincidence! Our nugget nectar recipe kit, based on Troeg’s beer of the same name is back on the recipe menu!

To pick up Aaron’s Extract Nugget Nectar Clone Ingredient Kit, click here.

To pick up Aaron’s All-Grain Nugget Nectar Clone Ingredient Kit, click here.

If you have not have a chance to learn about this great beer, then definitely give this interview with John Trogner a read. You will learn a little more about the brewing industry, and what has contributed to the success of one of PA’s more prolific breweries.

To read the interview with John Trogner, click here.

Other great recipes to consider brewing for St. Patrick’s Day include our Irish Red Ale, “The Hunt For Red Ale-tober”, and our Irish Stout, “MsSeamus O’Dry Stout,