Have you made your “Brew” Years Resolution yet? If you’re looking to learn something new then consider signing up for one of our classes, available at both Keystone locations!

Mozzarella & Soft Cheeses Class
Montgomeryville: 1/17 – 1pm
Bethlehem: 2/7 – 1pm
Each class includes live demonstrations focusing on techniques that can be applied to many different cheeses. This fun, informal class will give you a chance to sample homemade cheese.

Intro to Winemaking Class + Equip + Ingredients!
Montgomeryville: Jan 23 – 2PM
Bethlehem: Jan 23 – 2PM
Cost: $99
Choose your own one gallon kit as you’re led through the winemaking process in this two hour course. Participants will then take their fermenting wine home with them to finish the process and enjoy!

Intro to Brewing Class
Montgomeryville: Jan 18 – 6:30pm
Feb 17 – 6:30pm
Mar 16 – 6:30pm
Bethlehem:      Jan 16 – 2pm
Feb 19 – 6pm

Cost: $40
In this Introduction to Brewing class, we will go over all of the equipment necessary to get started homebrewing, and how they all function. Sanitation, ingredients, brewing, and bottling will all be covered with a live demonstration.

Next Step Brewing
Montgomeryville: Mar 6  – 1pm
Bethlehem:      Jan 22 – 6pm
Feb 27 – 2pm
Cost: $40
This class is geared toward the new brewer who has brewed some beer kits and is ready to learn the next step in home brewing. In this class we will concentrate on beer ingredients and how they influence the final flavors. We’ll discuss specialty grains, hop varieties, and yeast strains, followed by a less intense discussion on water.

All-Grain Class
Montgomeryville: Apr 3  – 10am
Bethlehem:     Jan 24 – 11am
Cost: $75
Have you been thinking of making the jump to all-grain brewing, or wanting to improve your all-grain techniques? Expect the class to run about 5 hours. with a live brewing demonstration by the instructor. Lunch will be provided.

Sour Power Brewing Class
Montgomeryville: Feb 6  – 1pm
Cost: $75
This class will run through classic sour beer styles, strains of Brettanomyces and bacteria, recipe formulation, aging and bottling, and safeguarding your brewery from permanent contamination.