Keystone Turns 23 Party Update!

We are pulling out all the stops this year for Keystone’s 23 Birthday! It is thanks to customer’s like you that we have been able to serve the homebrewing and winemaking community for over 20 years, and it’s time to celebrate! Check out the list of everything going on below, and don’t miss the coolest party this Fall!

In Stone & Key Cellars:
-1PM – Haymaker Meadery will be providing a live demonstration of their mead-making process, answering questions, and teaching everyone how to make their own sweet concoctions!
-2-6PM – Taza Food Truck, featuring Egyptian cuisine will be setting up table to serve their food in the Stone & Key Cellars Winery, connected to the homebrew supply store!
-2-6PM – Live Music will be playing in the winery by the talented Jeff Lohan!
-All Day – A Bouncy Castle will be set up in the winery for children to play!

In Keystone Homebrew:
-2PM – Mary Izett, author of “Speed Brewing” will be signing copies of her book and answering questions about the brewing world!
-All Day – Homebrewers and winemakers are encouraged to bring their own creations! We will be giving out prizes to everyone who brings their homemade beverages in to share! In order to receive your Keystone participation prize, you must bring in either a six-pack of your beer or one full bottle of wine (equivilant amounts applicable for ciders, meads, etc.)
-All Day – We will be raffling off several awesome packages throughout the day, including a winemaking kit and session, beer brewing goods, books, and more! In order to participate, you can receive raffle tickets by doing any of the following: spending $10 or more dollars at checkout at Keystone (1 ticket for every $10 spent), purchasing 1 or more bottles of wine at Stone & Key Cellars (1 ticket for each bottle purchased), purchase a copy of Mary Izett’s “Speed Brewing” here at the Keystone shop, or purchase a meal with Taza Food Truck. Winners of the raffle will be announced at 6PM!

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