Brewing Classes

Keystone Homebrew offers three brewing classes, one for first-time brewers, one for intermediate-level brewers, and an all-grain brewing class (coming again soon). Each class will be limited to 20 participants. Please call us with payment information to secure your place.

Classes in Bethlehem are held at the Sun Inn ( Classes in Montgomeryville are held at our new store location at 435 Doylestown Road (Route 202).

Introduction to Brewing
This class for the first-time brewer explains the basic equipment needed to homebrew and how it works. Participants get hands-on experience brewing, bottling, and tasting homebrew.

All-Grain Brewing
This class is for intermediate to advanced level brewers who are either thinking of making the jump to all-grain brewing, or looking to improve their all-grain techniques. All-grain brewing will give you the ultimate level of flexibility and control over the characteristics and quality of your beer. The class generally runs for about 5 hours, with a live brewing demonstration and an in-depth discussion of the equipment, ingredients, theories and processes involved in brewing a batch of beer using base grains.

Classes tend to fill up quickly, so sign up early.

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