The Fall 2014 grapes are charging toward harvest like an hyperactive rhino on a bullet train. In fact, this will be the earliest we’ve ever received fresh grapes – as early as September 3rd! We recommend placing your orders early, because the season will probably end early, too. To that end, we are rushing to get our newsletter ready and delivered to your mailbox/inbox, and we already have our grape order forms posted to the Web. It’s so early that we haven’t received pricing for California grapes and juice yet, but we will guarantee last year’s pricing for our Central Valley offerings if you place a deposit with your order. If prices go down, you’ll pay the lower price; if they go up, your price won’t change. (Note: Lake County grape prices are still subject to change for all special orders.) Use the links below to secure your order for the 2014 season:

Central Valley, CA Fresh Grapes & Juice

Authentic Italian Grape Juice

Premium Fresh Grapes and Juice from Washington Farm Select and Lake County, CA

Vino Superiore Frozen Organic Italian Grape Must from Chianti and Alba